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Behind every article, ranking, and update is a passionate team that lives and breathes the world of anime and manga. Meet the dynamic individuals who make Jusurroun your reliable source for all things anime and manga.


Hiroshi Takahashi - Founder & CEO
A Tokyo native, Hiroshi started Jusurroun to bridge the gap between Japan's rich anime culture and fans worldwide. With over a decade in the industry, his insights and contacts have been the cornerstone of our platform.

Emi Nakamura - Chief Editor

With a sharp eye for detail and a penchant for storytelling, Emi ensures that every piece of content upholds the highest standards of quality and accuracy. She's also an avid manga collector with over 3,000 volumes in her personal library.

Ryota Yamazaki - Senior Anime Researcher

A fan of the classics, Ryota’s expertise lies in unearthing hidden gems from the past and analyzing current trends. He's been pivotal in curating our weekly and seasonal rankings.