Mission Statement

At Jusurroun, our mission is to become the go-to destination for anime and manga enthusiasts around the world, providing reliable, verified, and up-to-date information straight from the epicenter of anime culture: Japan. Our dedication lies in upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity while celebrating the vibrant world of anime and manga.

Our Editorial Principles

  1. Accuracy & Reliability: We ensure that all our articles, rankings, and reviews are backed by thorough research, direct sources from Japan, and the expertise of our team members.

  2. Transparency: When we make errors, we correct them. If there are updates or changes to a story, we make that clear to our readers.

  3. Impartiality: While we are passionate fans of anime and manga, we maintain an unbiased stance in our reporting, ensuring all perspectives are considered.

  4. Respect: Our content respects the creators, the content, and the community. We abstain from engaging in or promoting piracy, spoilers without warnings, or unverified rumors.

  5. Engagement: We believe in the power of our community. We listen, engage, and evolve based on the feedback and needs of our readers.

Content Creation Process

  • Research: All articles begin with comprehensive research. We utilize direct sources, interviews, and trusted publications to gather information.

  • Writing: Our team of expert writers crafts articles ensuring they're informative, engaging, and accurate.

  • Review: Each piece undergoes multiple rounds of edits. This involves fact-checking, style consistency, and quality assurance.

  • Publication: Once reviewed, articles are published and shared with our community.

  • Updates & Corrections: Post-publication, we monitor feedback and updates. Necessary corrections or updates are made promptly, with a note detailing the change when significant.